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Restoring Perfection to Your Alloy Wheels in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

There is no worse feeling than realising you have made a misjudgement and hearing your new, gleaming alloy wheels scraping against the kerb. At Buff 'N' Scuffs Ltd in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, we specialise in providing alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment to ensure that your plates appear unaffected.

Swift, Effective Processes

Due to our new processes, we are now able to make the repair without re-painting the entire wheel. This allows us to have the work completed to a high standard, within a few hours, and at a fraction of the price of traditional body shops.

Working with Commercial Clients

Although the majority of our customers are domestic drivers, we have the abilities and equipment necessary to accommodate commercial customers. We work with entire fleets, ranging from taxis to light commercial vehicles. For these clients, we will set up business accounts.

Car With Alloy Tyres

Guarantees and Pricing

All of the repairs are completed onsite by our expert engineers, while any parts that we fit are brand new. To provide peace of mind, the parts are accompanied by their own comprehensive manufacturer's warranty, while we also offer one-year guarantees on any completed paintwork. Customers will always receive a free, competitive quote for our each service.

Contact us now, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, to obtain more details regarding our alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment.